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We design and engineer resilient Bimini and targa structures for vessels. We meticulously ensure structural integrity and resistance to challenging marine environments. Additionally we excel in reverse engineering and fabrication of obsolete parts and hardware, offering comprehensive engineering solutions.

Engineering solutions

Our commitment extends to incorporating materials with high corrosion resistance and durability, specifically chosen to withstand prolonged exposure to saltwater and adverse weather conditions. This dedication includes utilising impact-resistant materials for windows, enhancing safety and fortifying against potential impacts from debris or inclement weather.

Our expertise encompasses seamlessly integrating electric window systems into vessel structures, facilitating convenient control and precise adjustment of window positions. This commitment to user comfort and adaptability is further reflected in the thoughtful design of sliding and hinged window systems, offering flexibility in ventilation and visibility to cater to diverse weather conditions and user preferences.  Contact us today for a chat and free quote.

What we offer

  • Design and development
  • Collaborative design
  • Consulting services
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Project management
  • Sustainability integration
  • Quality assurance & compliance
  • Maintenance & support services
  • Material selection & testing
  • Design & construction: jigs & fixtures
  • Bimini & targa structures
  • Windows and windscreen systems
  • Frame glazing systems
  • Sliding & Hinged Window Systems
  • Companionway doors
  • Internal doors
  • Locker doors
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Electric windows & door systems
  • Weather Sealing

Other info

Our specialised glass and acrylic panels are meticulously crafted to withstand the demanding conditions of both marine and automotive environments. Engineered with precision, they provide robust protection against the elements while offering unobstructed views of the expansive sea or the open road. For those familiar with marine glazing, the dual function of enhancing both the aesthetics and structural integrity of vessels is well understood.

These panels are designed to resist saltwater corrosion, UV exposure, and potential impacts, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on board. Whether navigating the waves on a sailboat or cruising in a luxurious superyacht, our marine glazing seamlessly connects the interior with the awe-inspiring natural surroundings, establishing itself as an essential element in the maritime and automotive experience.

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