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Elevate your marine experience with custom glazing solutions

We are marine glazing experts creating high quality products for marine pursuits through our range of glazing, doors, and custom solutions. We design products that enhance your experience at sea, made to fit your requirements. Whether you are a boat builder, enjoy yachting as a hobby or pursue it professionally, we aim to support your maritime activities.

Marine glazing solutions

If you know about marine glazing, you’ll value its dual role of improving both a vessel’s beauty and structural strength. Designed to fight saltwater corrosion, UV exposure, and possible impacts, these windows guarantee the safety and comfort of those on board.

We also offer repair or replacement services for your damaged glass or acrylic panels. A crack, a chip, or a scratch? We can fix it quickly and efficiently. We work with insurance companies and offer direct billing, so you don’t have to worry about the cost. We use the same high-quality materials and technology to restore your marine glazing to its original condition. You can trust us to keep your vessel looking and functioning great.

Our process

In our streamlined marine glazing process, we commence with a detailed quote, tailoring solutions to your specifications. Our expert team then delves into the intricacies of design, ensuring every detail aligns. Moving  into production, we create glass patterns. The frames undergo a robust powder coating process, providing durability and a sleek finish. Finally, our skilled craftsmen assemble each component ensuring the end result meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Initiate a consultation where we meticulously review drawings, patterns or samples, providing the client with a comprehensive and detailed quote.


Generate precise drawings, intricate patterns and essential jigs required for manufacturing bespoke window systems.


Shape and weld extrusions with precision to meticulously craft window frames through bending, rolling, and forming techniques.

Glass patterns

Digitize frames, generating meticulous patterns and drawings for the precise implementation of glazing materials in the manufacturing process.

Powder coating

Frames and extrusions are cleaned, treated and powder coated. Then all of the parts are inspected, with superb pieces covered with protective tape.


Final products undergo meticulous protection and packaging procedures before being dispatched, ensuring secure delivery and preserving their pristine condition.

Bespoke solutions to suit your needs

Let’s chat. If you have a specialised, bespoke requirement contact us for a free quote.

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Marine grade windows, like sliding and fixed types, are vital for safety and view. Sliding windows save space and allow ventilation, while fixed windows with toughened glass endure the sea’s rigours. Electric windows add convenience with easy automation, and manual windows offer reliability, ensuring functionality even without power.

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Sliding windows - framed

Marine-grade sliding windows for cabin ventilation:

Durability and Marine Grade:
◦ Designed specifically for marine environments.
◦ Resistant to saltwater exposure.
◦ Suitable for boats, yachts, and other watercraft.

Sliding Glass Panels:
◦ Supported by a robust track system.
◦ Can handle extreme rake angles without tipping over.

Water Management:
◦ Integral soft windowsill provides comfort.
◦ High-capacity water antigurgle system redirects water away from the window area.

Installation Options:
◦ Can be installed within a rebate or through an aperture in the cabin side.
◦ Survey-ready when the correct glass type is requested.

Construction Details:
◦ Fully welded aluminum frame for strength and corrosion resistance.
◦ Digiprinted toughened glass combines aesthetics with durability.
◦ Insitu re-glazable for easy maintenance.
◦ Accommodates small, non-parallel top and bottom hole sizes.

◦ Custom-designed solutions available.
◦ Options for mitred corners, radius shapes, or curved designs.

Sliding windows - frameless

Marine-Grade Sliding Windows Bonded to Glass Panes

Marine-grade sliding windows are designed to be bonded either internally or externally to a glass pane. The glass pane itself is manufactured with a large hole, and the sliding mechanism operates over this hole. Key points include:

1 Glass Pane and Hole Flexibility:
◦ The large glass pane and the hole in the glass can be of any shape.
◦ This flexibility allows for customized designs to fit various cabin configurations.

2 Direct Bonding to Cabin Side:
◦ The glass is directly bonded to the cabin side.
◦ This feature enables sliders to be fitted even when the top and bottom of the hole in the cabin side are not parallel.

3 Three Solutions Offered:
◦ Internal Frame (Bottom Placement):
▪ Suitable for large openings in the main glass panel.
▪ The frame sits on the bottom edge of the hole in the cabin side.
◦ Internal Frame (Anywhere on Large Panel):
▪ Designed for small openings in the main glass panel.
▪ The frame can be mounted anywhere on the large panel.
◦ External Frame (Commercial Applications):
▪ Ideal for commercial use.
▪ The water drainage is more efficient, but the frame appears bulkier.

4 Construction Details:
◦ Fully welded aluminum frame ensures strength and durability.
◦ Digiprinted toughened glass combines aesthetics with toughness.
◦ Accommodates very complex hole shapes in the cabin side.

5 Customization:
◦ Custom-designed solutions are available to meet specific requirements.

Fixed windows - framed

• Framed Toughened Glass:
◦ Installed with a flange.
◦ Can be placed in a rebate or through an aperture in the cabin side.
◦ Adds structural support to the vessel where an aperture is used for visibility.
◦ Various aluminium sections available to accommodate different requests.
◦ Surface mount versions are also offered.
◦ Survey-ready when the correct glass is requested.

• Fully Welded Aluminium Frame:
◦ Provides robust construction.
◦ Suitable for marine applications.
◦ Ensures durability and strength.

• Digiprinted Toughened Glass:
◦ High-quality glass with digital printing.
◦ Customizable designs and patterns.
◦ Enhances aesthetics and functionality.

• Insitu Re-glazable:
◦ Allows for easy replacement or repair of glass.
◦ Convenient maintenance.

• Custom Designed Solutions:
◦ Tailored to specific requirements.
◦ Flexibility in design and functionality.

• Corners Options:
◦ Mitred corners for a clean look.
◦ Radius or curved corners available based on design preferences.

Fixed windows - toughened glass

• Toughened Glass with Digiprinted Ceramic Bands:
◦ Toughened glass provides durability and safety.
◦ Digiprinted ceramic bands enhance aesthetics and functionality.
◦ Custom sizes available to match specific patterns or design requirements.

• Direct Glazing to the Cabin Side:
◦ The glass is directly installed onto the cabin side.
◦ Ensures a seamless and clean appearance.
◦ Provides unobstructed views.

• Dot Frit or Basic Black Ceramic Band:
◦ Dot frit design resembles car windscreen patterns.
◦ Basic black ceramic band serves multiple purposes:
▪ Blocks harmful UV rays from breaking down sealants.
▪ Creates a better surface for adhesive bonding.

• Supply of Flat and Curved Toughened Glass:
◦ Flat glass for standard applications.
◦ Curved glass for unique shapes or designs.

Electric vertical windows

• Custom Electric Windows:
◦ Typically installed near the rear bulkhead next to a door.
◦ Also available for the cabin side.
◦ We offer various variations, including 12V and 24V options.
◦ Some models come equipped with current limit switches.

Through Bulkhead Installation:
• The window and its mechanism are passed through a hole in the bulkhead from the outside.
• The window flange then mates with the exterior face of the bulkhead.
• Ideal for easy installation in aluminum boats with wall thickness up to 6mm.

Inside Bulkhead Installation:
• The window mounts to the inside face of the bulkhead, covering the hole.
• Commonly used in wooden or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) boats with thicker bulkheads.
• The frame remains hidden, concealed by the inner wall panel.

Pillarless Design:
• The frame is bolted to the bulkhead but remains frameless on the side next to a door opening.
• The mechanism supports the glass on one side, leaving the other side clear and open when the window is lowered.
• A seal is necessary at the end of the door to ensure a tight fit against the window glass when it is raised and closed.

Manual vertical windows

Custom-Made Manual Vertical Sliding Windows for Marine Vessels

◦ These windows are specifically designed for boats and vessels.
◦ Ideal for smaller boats where weight considerations are crucial.
◦ The weight of the glass is a limiting factor, so these windows are optimized for efficiency.

◦ Through Bulkhead Design:
▪ Almost always implemented in this design.
▪ The window and its mechanism pass through a hole in the bulkhead from the outside.
▪ Once installed, the window flange mates with the exterior face of the bulkhead.
▪ Perfect for aluminum boats with wall thickness up to 6mm.

◦ Benefits:
▪ Provides ventilation and natural light.
▪ Allows for easy opening and closing.
▪ Custom-built to fit your boat’s unique shape and size.
▪ Enhances the overall aesthetics of the vessel.
▪ Ensures a secure seal when closed.
▪ Can be combined with other window types for a versatile setup.

Marine windscreens, essential for vessel safety and visibility, come in various forms. Curved glass offers durability and clear vision, while curved acrylic provides flexibility and impact resistance. Flat panel windscreens can be tailored to specific boat designs, and console windscreens protect the boat’s dashboard area. Each type contributes uniquely to a boat’s performance on the water.

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Curved frame glass windscreens

We Taylor made custom curved glass windshields for boats, operating under license for most New Zealand boat producers.

Here are the key points:

1. Customisation: Our windshields are tailored to fit specific boat requirements.
2. Shape Variety: We stock a diverse range of windshield shapes and can build many more upon request. From functional designs to elegant curves, we’ve got options.

3. Standard Corners, Custom Sides: While our standard corners provide stability, we customise side windows and centre fixtures based on the boat’s needs.

4. Open and Hardtop Solutions: Choose between open designs or hardtop solutions for protection from the elements.

5. Toughened Glass: Safety is a priority. Our windshields use toughened glass for durability.

6. Modular Design: Flexibility is key. Mix and match components to create the perfect windshield.

7. Optional Grab rails: For added safety, consider our integral grab rails.

Curved frame acrylic windscreens

Our specialty lies in crafting moulded framed acrylic windscreens. Whether you have a small pleasure craft or a larger vessel, we can create a windscreen to fit your needs.

• Wide Range of Molds: With hundreds of molds at our disposal, we can accommodate any boat type. From fishing boats to leisure cruisers, our windshields are versatile.

• Quality Materials: We use high-quality acrylic exclusively. This ensures clarity, durability, and resistance to the elements.

• Powder-Coated Frames: Our frames are powder-coated for extended service life. This protective finish enhances longevity, even in harsh marine conditions.

• Moulded or Folded Acrylic: Choose between moulded or folded acrylic designs based on your boat’s requirements. Each option has its advantages, and we’ll guide you through the decision.

• Modular Design: Our windshields are designed with modularity in mind. Mix and match components to create the perfect fit for your boat.

• Optional Grab rails: For added safety, consider our integral grab rails. They provide secure handholds without compromising aesthetics.

• Cost-Effective Solutions: We prioritise cost-effectiveness, ensuring that you get a quality product without breaking the bank.

Flat panel windscreens

Flat slide-together panel windscreens, a design that’s making a stylish comeback.

1 Design Aesthetics:
◦ Flat and Seamless: These windscreens feature a sleek, flat design with seamlessly joined panels. The absence of visible frames creates a clean, modern look.
◦ Timeless Appeal: Despite technological advancements, the elegance of flat windscreens endures. Their simplicity complements various architectural styles.

2 Construction and Materials:
◦ Decades of Craftsmanship: We’ve been perfecting these windscreens for decades, refining their form and function.

◦ Glazing Options:
▪ Acrylic (PMMA):
▪ Pros: Lightweight, easy to shape, and offers good optical clarity.
▪ Cons: Prone to scratching.

▪ Toughened Glass (Tempered Glass):
▪ Strength: Toughened glass is stronger than regular glass.
▪ Safety: Upon impact, it shatters into small, less dangerous pieces.
▪ Durability: Resists scratches and withstands harsh conditions.

Console windscreens

We specialise in crafting marine console windscreens.

1. Customisable Widths: Our console windscreens can be tailored to fit various widths, ranging from 300 mm to 1600 mm.

2. Frameless Design: We specialise in frameless windshields, providing a sleek and modern appearance.

3. Optimal Thickness: Our windshields are manufactured with an ideal thickness of 8 to 10 mm, ensuring durability and safety.

4. Moulded or Folded Options: Choose between moulded or folded designs based on your preferences and requirements.

5. Extensive Mold Collection: With our diverse selection of molds, we can create unique and precise windshields.

6. Additional Features: If desired, we can incorporate frames and grab rails into the design for added functionality.

Our marine doors, crucial for vessel safety and design, come in two types: framed and frameless. Framed doors are sturdy, with a supportive frame and heavy-duty fixtures, suitable for harsh marine environments. Frameless doors offer a modern, seamless look with various opening styles, both designed to be weather and water tight for interior protection.

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Framed doors

Our flanged subframe system comes with doors that are pre-installed. The subframe is seamlessly integrated into the vessel by adhesive bonding and, if desired, additional screw fastening for reinforcement.

We utilise high-quality, marine-grade materials for our fully sealed doors and subframes, ensuring durability and longevity. The doors feature the capability for on-site reglazing and are equipped with top-tier Trioving marine grade lock sets for security.

The glazing options for the doors include both recessed and flush-faced styles, catering to various aesthetic preferences.

Our product line offers a diverse range of door configurations to suit different needs:

• Standard Hinged: A classic design that swings open.

• Hinged French: Double doors that provide a wider opening.

• Hinged Fold-Over: This innovative design allows the first panel, also known as the Day door, to fold onto the adjacent panel, and then both can be opened together. This dual-functionality means the first panel can be used as a regular door for quick access, or both can be opened to expand the space at the rear of the boat.

• Pillar-less Hinged Door with Hinged Window: A sleek design without a door pillar, featuring a hinged window for added ventilation.

• Pillar-less Hinged Fold-Over Door with Bifold Window: Combines the fold-over feature with a bifold window for a clear, unobstructed view.

• Pillar-less Hinged Fold-Over with Electric Drop Window: Offers the convenience of an electrically operated drop window for ease of use.

• Traditional Bifold: Comprising two panels with a central hinge, this design allows for quick and easy opening by pulling the hinge.

Frameless doors

These door systems are designed without a subframe, featuring flush-mounted glass on the exterior for a sleek appearance. They are equipped with surface-mounted hinges and securely fastened to the external face of the bulkhead, making them an excellent choice for aluminium vessels. For optimal sealing, the bulkhead should be even and level.

These doors are not only lightweight but also come in various styles, including box section and glass with metal plate options.

Our range of door configurations includes:

• Standard Hinged: A simple, single-panel design.

• Hinged French: Elegant double doors that open from the centre.

• Hinged Fold-over: This innovative design allows the first panel, also known as the ‘Day door,’ to fold back onto the second panel. You can then swing both panels open together. The Day door serves as a standard door for quick and convenient access, or you can open both to fully reveal the rear of the boat.

• Pillar-less Hinged Door with Hinged Window: A seamless design with an upward-opening window.

• Pillar-less Hinged Fold-over Door with Bifold Window: A fold-over door complemented by a bifold window for expanded visibility and ventilation.

• Traditional Bifold: Comprising two panels, this design allows you to pull the central hinge to open, offering a practical and space-saving solution.

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