CNC Router cutting

Our flexible solutions cover both wood, metal and plastic cutting projects

Our CNC router cuts wood, plastic and metal with precision and accuracy. It automates the process, saves materials and enables complex designs. Improve your manufacturing with affordable and reliable solutions. CNC router cutting gives you the edge in fabrication, ensuring efficiency and consistency across a wide range of applications.

CNC Router cutting solutions

CNC cutting allows you to create and sculpt different materials like wood, metal, and plastic with accuracy. It has many advantages, such as precise results, intricate design possibilities and quick production rate. It also enhances efficiency by using automated control, which reduces material waste and replicates complex designs quickly and reliably.

We provide cost-effective solutions for both customised and mass production (with our partners), which avoid errors from manual cutting and simplify the entire production process. Whether you need a unique piece or a large batch, we can deliver it to you with quality and speed. Contact us today and let us help you turn your ideas into reality.

What we offer

  • 2m x 3m vacuum bed routing
  • Acrylic, Polycarbonate & other plastics
  • Aluminium milling
  • Tooling board
  • Complex Shapes
  • Prototyping
  • Inlay Work
  • Milling
  • High-resolution output
  • Foam cutting
  • Fine finishing
  • Sequential machining
  • Panel processing
  • Batch production
  • Laminate trimming
  • Thermoforming molds
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Pattern making
  • Nested-based manufacturing

Other info

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