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Bespoke auto glazing and components for the discerning enthusiast

We combine elegance and practicality on the road. From custom-made windows to hand-picked or bespoke accessories, our goal is to create automotive spaces that transform your driving experience. Whether you’re a passionate car lover or a skilled competition expert, we’re committed to improving your journey with distinctively designed glazing and meticulous attention to detail.

Auto glazing solutions

Our specialised glass or acrylic panels are designed with accuracy to withstand the harsh road conditions, providing insulation against the noise and temperature while allowing clear views of the scenic surroundings. If you’re already familiar with auto glazing, you’ll appreciate its dual function of improving both a vehicle’s appearance and durability. Engineered to resist dust, scratches, and possible collisions, these windshields and windows ensure the security and comfort of those inside.

Whether you’re driving a sedan or a luxury sports car, auto glazing smoothly integrates the interior with the stunning natural world outside, making it an essential element in the driving experience.

Our process

The first part of our process is a discussion, with input from the customer, including details about the vehicle's make and model, as well as the specific window position. Following a consultation to determine the most suitable application, we choose the material and thickness required. A CAD model is then prepared. Next, a cut file is generated and forwarded for CNC cutting. Once the piece is precisely cut it undergoes moulding. Subsequently, it is carefully enveloped with a protective coating before being meticulously packed for dispatch.


Initiate a consultation where we meticulously review drawings, patterns or samples, providing the client with a comprehensive and detailed quote.


Generate precise drawings, intricate patterns and essential jigs required for manufacturing bespoke plastic windows.


Using our in-house CNC machine, we cut out the precise shape of the window with accuracy and precision, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.


Each piece undergoes expert bending, curving, or forming processes to craft a flawless finished product, ensuring the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.


Completed windows undergo a thorough quality assessment before being having a protective film applied, ensuring their pristine condition upon delivery.


Once checked and finalised, the completed products are promptly packed and dispatched for delivery to our valued customers.

Bespoke solutions to suit your needs

Let’s chat. If you have a specialised, bespoke requirement contact us for a free quote.

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Auto windscreens enhance driving safety and comfort. Heated glass windscreens have heating elements for defrosting, while heated plastic windscreens are lighter, defog quickly, and suit performance cars. Standard windscreens are made of tough laminated glass to resist shattering and protect against the elements.

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Heated glass windscreens

Our laminated glass windscreens are not only effective in preventing fogging, but they also offer additional benefits. The microtungsten heating elements embedded within the interlayer can quickly defrost a layer of frost, ensuring clear visibility in minutes. This technology is highly efficient, similar to the systems used in certain standard road cars in colder climates.

The construction of these windscreens involves bonding two curved pieces of glass with a heat or UV-activated plastic interlayer. This interlayer can include various features, such as tinting, which blocks over 90% of ultraviolet radiation, reducing sunlight energy transmission and enhancing passenger comfort. It also helps in reducing the energy consumption for air conditioning due to its solar control properties.

These windscreens are designed to be fully compliant with road safety regulations and are WOF and RAC (Road Authority Card) approved, ensuring they meet legal standards for road use. They are custom-made and available for a wide range of vehicle models, including unique or rare cars. For racing teams, these windscreens are invaluable for maintaining clear visibility during wet races

Heated plastic windscreens

The windscreen is constructed from polycarbonate material that has been treated with a hard coating for enhanced durability. It features integrated heating elements made of micro-tungsten, which provide the warmth necessary to prevent ice and fog build-up. Unlike traditional laminated glass, this polycarbonate windscreen is less prone to cracking or shattering. While the current product line is somewhat limited, the selection is gradually increasing to include a wider variety of vehicle models.

Standard windscreens

Our standard laminated windscreens are designed to meet road safety standards without the additional heating feature. These windscreens are composed of two layers of glass bonded with a tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. This construction enhances the windscreen’s integrity, making it less likely to shatter upon impact and providing an extra layer of safety.

While they may not have heating elements, these windscreens still offer significant benefits. The PVB layer filters out UV rays, protecting both passengers and the interior of the vehicle from sun damage. It also contributes to noise reduction, creating a quieter cabin environment.

We also cater to those seeking specific or hard-to-find windscreens. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke design or a rare model, our network allows us to source the right windscreen for your motor vehicle needs.

Plastic windows in cars offer practicality and weight savings. Front and door plastic windows are strong and clear, made for lighter vehicles like race cars. Rear plastic windows often have heating features to keep them clear, and both types are customisable for different vehicle models, favoured in performance vehicles.

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Plastic windows

We provide a range of lightweight plastic windows.

These windows offer several advantages:

▪ Weight Reduction: Plastic windows are significantly lighter than traditional glass, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

▪ Durability: Despite their lightweight nature, these windows are durable and resistant to impact, making them suitable for various driving conditions.

▪ Customisation: Our plastic windows can be moulded and cut to match the original size and shape of your vehicle’s windows.
Types of Plastic Windows:
▪ Front Windshield: Replace your front windshield with a lightweight plastic alternative.

▪ Rear Window: Opt for a plastic rear window that maintains visibility while reducing weight.

▪ Side Windows (Door Glass): Choose plastic side windows for your doors, maintaining functionality without compromising safety.

▪ Quarter Glass: These smaller triangular windows near the rear of the vehicle can also be replaced with plastic versions.

MR10 Hard-Coated Polycarbonate.

In addition to plastic windows, we offer MR10 hard-coated polycarbonate panels:

▪ Material: Polycarbonate is a strong, shatter-resistant material commonly used in automotive applications.

▪ Hard Coating: The MR10 hard coating provides scratch resistance, ensuring longevity and clarity.

▪ CNC Precision Cutting: Our state-of-the-art CNC machinery allows us to cut these polycarbonate sheets to your exact specifications.

▪ Applications: Use MR10 polycarbonate for windows, windshields, or protective covers where impact resistance is crucial.

Auto sliders and vents are practical components in vehicle and building design, providing ventilation and access with efficiency and convenience. Auto sliders refer to automated sliding mechanisms that can be used for doors, windows, or even skylights, allowing for smooth and effortless opening and closing. They are particularly useful in spaces where manual operation is inconvenient or for individuals with mobility challenges. Vents, on the other hand, are designed to regulate air flow.

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Our classic sliders provide practical ventilation and a simple aesthetic for your vehicle. Available in standard sizes for immediate installation, we also offer customisation services to create sliders that perfectly fit the dimensions and style you require.

Here’s a detailed look at their features and benefits.

• Ventilation: Sliders allow for adjustable airflow within the vehicle, which can be particularly beneficial in maintaining comfort during various weather conditions.

• Accessibility: They provide an accessible opening for communication or transactions without the need to open doors.

Design and Customisation:

• Standard Sizes: Sliders come in off-the-shelf standard sizes that fit most vehicle models, making them a convenient choice for quick replacements or upgrades.

• Customisation: For unique vehicle designs or specific requirements, custom-sized sliders can be manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and integration with the vehicle’s aesthetics.

• Materials: They are typically made from durable materials like safety glass and may include metal or plastic latches for secure locking.

Types of Sliders:

• Manual Sliders: These require manual operation and are a cost-effective option with simple mechanisms for opening and closing.

• Automated Sliders: Some sliders come with electronic components that allow for automated opening and closing, adding a layer of convenience and modernity to the vehicle.

Safety and Security:

• Robust Construction: Sliders are designed to withstand the rigours of race use and provide a secure closure when not in use.

• Safety Glass: The use of safety glass ensures that sliders are shatter-resistant, offering an additional safety feature for passengers.


Our Helicopter-style vents offer a practical solution for air management in your vehicle. Open and rotate these vents to control the airflow as needed. They are designed to close securely to prevent rain from entering and can be adjusted to block water during wet weather.

For specific air direction needs, our NACA Ducts are ideal. They are made from clear plastic and are available to fit 2 ½” or 3” hoses, providing a simple way to channel fresh air to any area in your car.

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