Sandbrooks + Buccaneer featured in Powerboat magazine

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Buccaneer brand, with a rich history dating back to 1976 and over 6,300 boats built, offers an impressive lineup of GRP boat models. Among these, the Buccaneer Five Seven Five HT stands out as a compact and practical option. Designed by Gerry Gerrand, this hardtop boat prioritises functionality, weight, and trailer manoeuvrability.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: The Buccaneer Five Seven Five HT has an overall length of 5.75 meters (approximately 18.9 feet) and a beam of 2.34 meters (about 7.7 feet). Its Carolina sheer line design creates additional height in the hardtop, contributing to the feeling of volume on board.
  • Cabin Comfort: Inside the cabin, you’ll find vee berth bunks. With the infill, there’s enough room for two adults to stretch out comfortably. Two large side lockers provide ample storage space, and there’s even a discreet spot for an optional portable toilet.
  • Cockpit and Seating: The SeaDek-covered cockpit accommodates five to six people. The bolstered helm chairs can be spun around 180 degrees, allowing for comfortable fishing under the hardtop or creating a social atmosphere with others seated in the cockpit.

The glazing process is where Sandbrooks comes into play. The frame, crafted by Buccaneer, is sent to Sandbrooks for glazing. Once completed, the unit is returned and seamlessly integrated with the side sliding windows, forming a cohesive assembly with the hardtop. This arrangement not only enhances visibility but also ensures proper ventilation—a must-have for any hardtop boat.

Powerboat magazine

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